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Online SMS Phonebook

Upload your phone numbers online, so you don't have to keep entering them every time you want to send SMS. Read more...

Unlimited SMS Recipient

Send messages to unlimited number of recipients. You are only limited by your available credit units. Read more...

Unlimited Sender ID

Send Customized Bulk SMS with your desired Sender ID. No limitation on number of Sender ID to use. Read more...

Schedule and Send Later

Schedule messages for later delivery. Set up multiple schedules at a time and let out system do the rest. Read more...

Upload Contacts in .CSV or .TXT

Do you need to upload contacts? You can upload numbers that are in both .CSV or .TXT formats. Read more...

Buy SMS and Pay Online

You can now buy SMS online and pay with your debit/credit card and get credited instantly. Read more...

Free SMS on Signup

We understand you want to test our services, that's why we give your free SMS to explore with. Read more...

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My Bulk SMS Account

You can signup for free if you are not already signed up. Or you can also Login using your login information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy Bulk SMS online?

1. Login to your Luckysms account or REGISTER if you are a NEW USER.

2. Click ACCOUNT.

3. Click RECHARGE.

4. Enter the AMOUNT you want to pay.

5. Click Pay.

6. You will be re-directed to VOGUEPay website. Note: VoguePay.com is our payment processor. It is SECURE and SAFE.

7. Under PAYMENT OPTION, Select MASTERCARD/VISA or VERVE. You can also SELECT VoguePay or eTranzact /PocketMoni. Note: Write down your Transaction ID.

8. Enter your E-MAIL ADDRESS in the field provided (below Transaction ID)



11. ENTER your 16-digit CARD NUMBER (this is the number at the front side of your ATM CARD above your name)

12. Select your ATM CARD EXPIRY DATE: e.g Jan 2015

13. ENTER your 4-digit CARD PIN using the on-screen keyboard i.e clicking on the numbers.

14. ENTER your 3-digit Card Verification Value (CVV2) Number (It is behind your ATM CARD beside the space for SIGNATURE)

15. Click PAY.

16. You will be shown the STATUS of your TRANSACTION and AUTOMATICALLY CREDITED with SMS units.

How Do I Edit your Stored Contacts?

The following Tutorial will give an expose on how to edit saved contacts on our website. Specifically will be majoring on Editing Mobile-List and Contacts.


1. Log in to http://sms.luckysms.net

2. Click Contacts.

3. Click Mobile-List.

4. Click Create to select the List you want to edit.

5. You can Edit the Title of the List or Delete or Add to the Numbers.

6. Click Save after Editing.

How do I Send Bulk SMS to my Phone Contacts?

Steps in sending Bulk SMS to Mobile phone contacts.

Wondering how to send Bulk Messages to your Phone Contacts? Worry not as we have a solution for your query. With the luckysms Mobile Applications, you can send Bulk SMS to contacts stored on your Mobile Phone.

1. Launch the Mobile Application.

2. Click the Settings Icon at he Top left to Log in.

3. Enter your desired Sender ID

4. Click Save.

5. Click the New Message Icon at the Top right.

6. On the Compose page, Click the Top Left Contacts Icon.

7. Select the desired Contacts by clicking the check box beside each contact.

8. Click the back button to go back to the Compose page and add the Contacts.

9. Type your message and click send.

How Do I Send a Voice Messages/Robo Calls?

You can send pre-recorded Voice SMS/Robocall on our website. The audio messages have to be in .Mp3 or .Wav format. The message lenght should be either 15seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds etc.

(a) To Upload an Audio File/Recording

1. Log in to http://sms.luckysms.net

3. Click Contacts.

4. Click Robocalls.

5. Leave the Audio Option if you are uploading a New Audio.

6. Click the Rectangular Box beside File under Browse Menu.

7. Type the Name of the Audio File under Recording Title.

8. Click Save.

(b) To Send a Voice SMS/Robocall

1. Log in to http://sms.luckysms.net

2. Select your Contact Source by Clicking List or leave the List Option if you want to Type/Paste your Numbers in the Mobiles box.

3. Enter the Phone Number you want to appear as the Caller under the Caller box.

4. Skip TTS( Text To Speech)

5. Click Select Audio to Choose your desired Audio file.

6. Click Send.

7. If you wish to Schedule the Audio Message for a later Date/Time, Click the Check Box beside Schedule and Select the desired date and time.

8. Click Send.

How Do I Pay for Bulk SMS units ?

The Payment options available are listed below

1. Bank Deposit: With this option, payment is made directly in the Bank and payment details are sent to our support numbers/media. When the payment is confirmed, your account will be credited.

Listed Below are our Bank Details:


Account Name: Lucky Igbinedion

Account Number: 2052866441

2. Online Payment with ATM CARD: Payment can also be made through our Online Payment processor with your ATM Debit card and your Bulk SMS account will be automatically credited. For detailed steps on how to pay Online, read our blog post here

3. Internet Banking Transfer: You can also make payment for Bulk SMS units through various Internet Banking Platforms. All you need to do is make a transfer to our Bank Accounts, remember to indicate your username in the remarks section of the transfer. Your Bulk SMS account will be credited as soon as we confirm your payment.

4. ATM Machine transfer: Another means of payment is through ATM Machine Transfer to our Bank Accounts using the Transfer Option on the ATM Machine. This Option will normally not display the Sender's Name or details, so remember to also send us your payment details.

5. Mobile Banking: Mobile Banking is one of the easiest and fastest means of payment. This can be done through any of the Mobile Applications of Banks or other Mobile Money operators like Paga, Pocket Money, etc.

Have More Questions about using Bulk SMS?

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We Deliver SMS @ 1 Unit/SMS to GSM Networks...

LuckySMS is Nigeria's most reliable web based Bulk sms service that can deliver BULK SMS messages to any Mobile network globally. Our bulk SMS gateway is finely tuned to deliver the fastest and most reliable SMS messaging compared with other Bulk SMS Providers. Send bulk text via our web interface . Give us a call and we can get you started with specialist advice and great SMS marketing ideas for you and your clients. There is a wide variety of quality when it comes to Bulk SMS Service and SMS providers. When sending messages with our web sms service you can be confident that your messages will be delivered instantly. Our SMS platform has a wide variety of features.

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Our Bank Account Information

Kindly pay into our Bank Account

Account Name: Lucky Igbinedion


UBA Plc 2052866441


ECOBANK Plc 2441106111


ZENITHBANK Plc 2006961099

Please pay with your registered User Name. After payment, TEXT your username, amount paid, units paid for and Teller Number to 08053147398.
We will credit your SMS account immediately after payment is received. Please contact us if you experience delay in crediting

SMS Pricing

500 to 49,999

  • Unlimited Validity
  • Multiple Sender ID support
  • SMS Scheduling Support
N2.50K per SMS(DND Numbers cost N3/SMS)

50,000 to 99,999

  • Unlimited Validity
  • Multiple Sender ID support
  • SMS Scheduling Support
N2.00K per SMS(DND Numbers cost N3/SMS)

100,000 to 10,000,000

  • Unlimited Validity
  • Multiple Sender ID support
  • SMS Scheduling Support
N1.80K per SMS(DND Numbers cost N3/SMS)



You can interface an application, website or system with our messaging gateway by using our very flexible HTTP API connection. Once you're connected, you'll be able to deliver messages or check your balance.

Connect to send single or multiple sms messages through the following api url:

Text Message
http://account.kudisms.net/api/?username=user&password=pass&message=test &sender=welcome&mobiles=2348030000000,2348020000000
Example Responses:
Success Response: {"status":"OK","count":1,"price":2}

Failed Response: {"error":"Login denied.","errno":"103"}

Other optional Parameters
1. contacts = The list of contact ids to send the message
2. groups = The list of group ids to send the message
3. numbers = The list of number ids to send the message
4. type = The type (text, call, tts ) of the message

5. message = message text or audio reference number

Call Message(VoiceSMS/Robocall?Text-To-Speech)
http://account.kudisms.net/api/?username=user&password=pass&message=391000 &sender=2348030000000&mobiles=2348020000000&type=call
Fetching Data


HTTP API: http://account.kudisms.net/api/?username=xxxx&password=yyyy
API response on Success: Ok
API Response confirmation: Contains
Account balance API: http://account.kudisms.net/api/?username=xxxx&password=yyyy&action=balance
Push to API as:*: Bulk


Other Parameters
1. login = Perform account login to validate a user
2. profile = The customer profile of the account
3. balance = The current balance on the account
4. contacts = The type (text, call, tts ) of the message
5. numbers = The saved numbers on the account
6. groups = The groups on the account
7. audios = The saved audios on the account
8. history = The message history on the account
9. scheduled = The scheduled messages on the account
10. reports = The delivery reports on the account
11. payments = The payment history on the account

Error Codes: 000 = Request successful
100 = Incomplete request parameters
101 = Request denied
110 = Login status failed
111 = Login status denied
120 = Message limit reached
121 = Mobile limit reached
122 = Sender limit reached
130 = Sender prohibited
131 = Message prohibited
140 = Invalid price setup
141 = Invalid route setup
142 = Invalid schedule date
150 = Insufficient funds
151 = Gateway denied access
152 = Service denied access
160 = File upload error
161 = File upload limit
162 = File restricted
190 = Maintenance in progress
191 = Internal error

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